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Casa de Paz meets every Sunday 11:00a.m.

at 220 Church Street in Downtown Kissimmee, FL

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Current Series:

Do you ever feel strapped? You are living paycheck to paycheck. You feel like a hamster in a wheel. You just know that there must be more to life than barely making it financially. Then you should know that you are not alone. Average household debt in the U.S. is now 136% of the household income. Something is wrong with that math. For those carrying a balance, the average credit card debt is $14,517. The average 21-year-old owes $12,000. By 28, they owe $78,000. The average number of U.S. households living paycheck to paycheck is 55%. How can this be God's plan for you? The answer starts with a simple reality presented by Solomon some 3,000 years ago: The borrower is a slave to the lender. Come this week to Casa de Paz as we start a new series understanding God's plan to go beyond been Strapped.

¿Te sientes ahorcado? Estamos viviendo de cheque a cheque. Nos sentimos como un hámster en una rueda. Tú sabes que tiene que haber más en la vida que sobrevivir las deudas. Debes saber que no estás solo. La deuda promedio de los hogares en los EE.UU. es de 136% de los ingresos del hogar. Algo está mal con esas matemáticas. Para aquellos que llevan un balance, la deuda promedio de tarjetas de crédito es $ 14,517. En promedio una persona de 21 años de edad, debe $ 12,000. A los 28 años, ya deben $ 78,000. El 55% de los hogares estadounidenses que viven de cheque a cheque. ¿Cómo puede ser este el plan que Dios tiene para nosotros? La respuesta comienza con una simple realidad presentada por Salomón hace unos 3,000 años: el que toma prestado es siervo del que presta. Únete a nosotros esta semana mientras aprendemos que Dios tiene que decir acerca de vivir más allá de ahorcado.


Children are important at Casa de Paz

CasaKids Children's Ministry takes place every week during the service and is focused on helping children learn about their relationship with God while having fun

It's about teenagers encountering God...

Peace Youth is the student ministry at Casa de Paz. Peace Youth is all about, well... having the kind of peace that only Christ can give. It's about your life.

Would you like to be closer to your children?

iMOM and All Pro Dad takes place at three local elementary schools once a month.

niceSERVE is a faith-based event that mobilizes people to serve locally. This event connects volunteers and local non-profits by creating helpful service projects that are geared toward revitalizing neighborhoods and communities.